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Trading Company
BLIC High Standard Design Covering and Finishing Outsourcing.
We are a Trading Company specialized in high standard design covering and finishing outsourcing. We offer exclusive and innovative products which support our clients to display the trends to the market.
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We perform and interact with the market in a specialized and customized way. We have a comprehensive understanding of the technical requirements and specificities of the business, which makes us innovative in all the stages so as to provide our clients high level service.

Porcelain tiles Cimento Matt


“the Beauty”

It is compounded by noble raw materials with lower level of liquid absorption and high resistance. Porcelain tiles can have many finishings, such as: polished, matt and anti slip. They fit in the most varied rooms and places, and this is one of its most important characteristics. Porcelain tile models can be used in flooring, outdoor wall covering and also in kitchen countertops, bathrooms and furniture covering.

The beauty and charm of
porcelain tiles for perfectly
enchanting rooms
  • Porcelain Tiles Concreto Matt
  • Porcelain Tiles Beige Matt
  • Porcelain Tiles Onix Polish
  • Porcelain Tiles Concreto Matt
  • Porcelain Tiles Carrara Polish (floor) / Porcelain Tiles Armani Bronze (wall)
Porcelain Tiles Armani Grey Polish
Vinyl Flooring Wood Caramelo


“the style”

Through its versatility, it can be applied to floors and walls in both residential and commercial building, keeping the style with variety in textures and colors. Practicality and clean building is the great difference in this product.

The style of vinyl flooring,
unique and absolute in
modern concept
  • Vinyl Flooring Wood Grey
  • Vinyl Flooring Wood Brown
  • Vinyl Flooring Wood Caramelo
Vinyl Flooring Wood Beige
  • Vinyl Flooring Terrazzo
  • Vinyl Flooring Stone
Vinyl Flooring Cimento
Basin Tiffany


“the Magnificence”

It inspires and renovates room decoration with beauty and style. It can make rooms more practical, hygienic and comfortable, having high durability and cleanliness.

The quality of
sanitary ware and lightness
in shape
Basin floor and Sanitary Ware
  • Basin Gold
  • Basin Dots
  • Basin Red Wine
  • Basin Rectangular
Single Hundle Rose Gold


“the Quality”

Bathroom and Kitchen fixtures are products which can transmit strength, finesse and elegance to your room, with function and design, in harmony with accessories, color and shape.

  • Shower Panel
  • Single Hundle Black Matt
  • Separated Basin Mixer Black Matt with Rose Gold
  • Single Hundle White with Rose Gold
  • Shower Panel Black
  • Single Hundle Chrome
Stone Natural Hitam


“the Design”

For a great decoration, we need the best items, selecting pieces which add quality, comfort and, of course, design where we spend most part of life. We innovate with modern accessories and other items. The design of accessories transforms your space in a room.

  • White Skirting Board
  • Mosaic Decor
White Skirting Board
  • Stone Hijau Natural and Polish
  • Stone Hijau Rustic
Stone Natural Hitam
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We are specialized in finding suppliers according to the profile of our client, in a customized way, with quality products and prices in compliance with the market standard.

With our own structure in Asia, we can ensure two important assets to our clients: Quality – we check, in loco, each of the purchases made. Tranquility – our presence ensures a close tracking of each of the stages and streamlines the whole process of exportation of the products.


We choose the right supplier because we are attentive to your expectations, adapting to your demand in terms of quality, delivery deadline and price. When it comes to international market, there is a great amount of offers in a wide range of products, and with our office in China, we can lead this stage assertively.

GOODS (quantity)

We implemented a consolidation of goods service directed to small and medium importers. Through our structure, we can place many orders in a single container, bringing goods from different suppliers. This ensures you do not need to bring an entire container of the same product to be able to import.


Our partnership with industries and suppliers enables us to develop products which are in compliance with current standard regulations in your country, at competitive prices and quality.

We know that having a product with your own brand is essential to make the difference in the market competition. And we have the know-how and the expertise necessary to make this come true.


We are present in all the stages of the process, and this is what ensures our excellence in the service we provide. Besides tracking production, we make a final check in amounts, documents and loading process, ensuring BLIC clients the perfect delivery.


BLIC has a team of professionals immersed in the culture of this importation/ exportation market, who are aware of the nuances of negotiation. This provides different conditions and prices to our clients.


We have a technical staff in Asia to keep track of the standard in production and ensure the delivery deadlines are met. This is a guarantee that your product is within the regulations and requirements to your target market.

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We are a Trading Company specialized in high standard design covering and finishing outsourcing. Working since 2009, we manage business in the area of exportation and importation in main countries of Asia, Latin America, Europe and Oceania. Offices are located in Foshan – Guangdong / China and in Canoas – Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil.


• Ethic, transparent and honest behaviore

• Responsibility and integrity

• Quality and constant improvement of products and services to our client satisfaction

• Diversity and practice of innovation in design

• Guidance to market

Our business values directly reflect on behavior, attitudes and decisions from all sectors of our company. They nurture the relationship of the board of directors, employees, relations among workers and also our commitment to our clients and society as a whole.


Our Vision is to become a reference company in high standard design finishings.

Our Mission is to be a bold company that connects high standard design foreign products with reference companies in the market of finishing products.




Tiago is partner-owner of the company, graduated in administration with emphasis in Foreign Trade, lives and operates daily in Brazil, managing the commercial part of the company on brazilian Market.




Mauricio is partner-owner of the company, graduated in administration with emphasis in Foreign Trade, lives in China managing the outsourcing of the company.




Manuela is an architect, lives in China and is responsable of the development of products and also managing financial of company.




Lily is graduated on chinease literature, is responsable of operational part of the company and has 12 years experience in this Market.




Mei is in charge of company’s quality control, with over 21 years experience in this Market.

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    Countries of operation

  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia